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Take a few minutes to organize your things to be stored so that you can use the storage unit to your best advantage. These few minutes can help you keep your storage unit working the best for you.

Make A List

Make a list of everything you need to store. This will help to determine the size of the unit you’ll need. Also, a list will help you make a map of where your things are stored within the unit and help to determine a value for your insurance.

Cover Storage Unit Floor

Before you pack your unit, you may want to cover the floor with cardboard or a tarp to keep the furniture and pieces clean that go directly on the floor.

Break Down Furniture

If you have furniture, be sure to break it down to its smallest parts – a bed frame, for instance, or a TV stand. Also make sure when you break it down, keep the small parts – screws, nuts, washers – in a small, labeled bag taped to it.

Label Boxes

Pack your things in boxes so you won’t waste space by tossing stuff in a jumbled heap. Label the boxes, making sure you list what’s in the box, so you won’t go through all your “Bedroom Stuff” looking for a certain lamp. For long-term storage, you might consider using plastic boxes and tubs with lids especially if your boxes are worn. Wrap breakable items carefully.  Invest in bubble wrap for breakables, from china and glassware to mirrors and lamps. Mark these boxes “Fragile” so you won’t stack heavy items on top of them.

Organize Storage Unit

Organizing your storage unit wisely allows you to access your property easily.

  • Use the storage space wisely. Put heavy furniture up against walls and turn large items such as sofas and mattresses on their sides to leave space for boxes. Leave a walkway in the middle of the unit for you to be able to reach boxes and items in the back. Make sure the labels on the boxes are faced in the direction of the walkway so they can be seen clearly.
  • Stack the heaviest boxes first, using them as a base for lighter items. Separate the heavy fragile boxes and place them in other areas, such as under tables or in wardrobes to utilize all empty space in the unit. Also, stack boxes in order to use as much vertical space as possible since the unit height is well over 7 feet tall.
  • If you are likely to be using items out of the unit, pack these toward the front or nearest the aisle to be reached easily. Items you store for long-term should be toward the back and consider covering these with a light tarp or plastic drop cloths to prevent dust build-up.
  • If you’re storing appliances, clean them out to prevent odors, and especially for refrigerators, keep the doors open to keep out mold. If you store other items that contain gasoline or oil, drain them to prevent leaks. Hazardous materials are not permitted at Storage Depot and most storage facilities.
  • Keep a map of where you’ve stored your things and tape a copy of it inside the storage unit door for easy access. This will keep your storage unit organized and help ease the stress of looking for things.

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